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About Rodizio

We are proud to invite you to enjoy the unique dining experience at Nabrasa with the warm hearted Brazilian hospitality of are authentic Brazilian B.B.Q. Meats Brazilian, Brazilian B.B.Q originates from southern Brazil where gauchos (cowboys) mastered the art of slow cooking savoury cuts of meat on large skewers turned over the open flame.
The “spit run” type of service in which the meats are served in rotation of varieties, appeared about 50 years ago in Londrina, Parana. But the Gauchos can rest easy with his fame. The innovation was responsible for Albino Ongaratto, owner of a roadside restaurant, born in Rio Grande do Sul.
The novelty happened by necessity. One day, the restaurant was packed, the grill was operating at full capacity and the waiters could not serve all customers. So, Albino had an illumination. He ordered his staff to serve the tables with portions of meat instead of a skewer in each drop. He created the “spit run”, which is still responsible for the happiness of the admirers of the barbecue.
Our rotating style of services is unique where experienced meat carvers pass from table to table serving different cuts of meat from the grill to your plate. We have great selections of finest cuts of meats which our expertly grilled to keep it succulent and full of flavour.
Our customer can also help themselves to a choice of Brazilian hot dishes and salads.
Enjoy our Experience!

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